About the Company

Mehmet YELÖRGÜ İnşaat A.Ş.


Mehmet YELÖRGÜ İnşaat A.Ş. It was established in 2017 as a general contracting company in Istanbul. Our company has been specializing in public construction projects since its establishment and has carried out various infrastructure projects throughout our country.

Mehmet YELÖRGÜ İnşaat A.Ş. As a general contractor, the primary goal is to complete each project with the same carefulness and quality understanding and deliver it to its responsible in time.

In recent years, especially in infrastructure projects realized in Istanbul, Mehmet YELÖRGÜ İnşaat A.Ş. Delivering projects on time and sustainable quality approach has come to the fore. Our company has documented the quality it offers in these services with various certificates.

Mehmet YELÖRGÜ İnşaat A.Ş. improving the scope of the services it provides in the field of contracting in the future; Organized to have the competence to develop projects all over the world; It aims to be an organization that shapes its investments in line with technological developments and places high importance on human resource development.


  • 29.11.2017

    Mehmet Yelörgü İnşaat Anonim Şirketi was founded in today's Başakşehir by Mehmet Yelörgü with a capital value of 50 thousand TL. to undertake construction contracting and contracting works, to make official and private constructions and other works written in the joint stock company registered on 29.11.2017.